Fraser Island

Welcome to another of "Rick & Julie's Great Adventures", this time to Fraser Island about 250 kilometres North of Brisbane. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world, approximately 120 kilometres long and 20 kilometres wide at its widest point.

It's unique in that it has such a diversity of Eco cultures all in the one place. From surf beaches to sheltered coves and rocky headlands to placid white, sandy beaches, laden with shells. From Eucalypt forest to heath and bracken with hundreds of acres of Grass Trees, to lush rainforest with pristine, clear water creeks and more than 40 freshwater lakes. Put all this together with wildlife that ranges from sea birds to eagles and Humpback whales to the purest strain of Australian Dingo and access limited to 4 wheel drive travel as there are no formed roads....did we mention the fishing is great too?

Well, this particular trip follows our adventure with Elizabeth(VE7YL), who globetrotted her way to us from Canada via New Zealand and Norfolk Island in October. This was to be the first of 2 adventures for her, one to Fraser Island and one to the deserts of our outback regions, but more about that later.

To get to Fraser from our B&B on the mountain, we head North to the township of Rainbow Beach via Gympie and 2.5 hours later we're in the National Parks office getting our permits and set off to the little peninsular of Inskip Point where we board the ferry.

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The ferry at Inskip Point

on the ferry to fraser a.jpg (18114 bytes)

Safely on the ferry to Fraser Is.

Timing is critical, as the Southern tip of the island is soft sand at the best of times and when the tide is high, the waves come right to the headland and can leave you stranded and "SUNK". Yes, about 50 vehicles a year are totally written off in this region, and it can all happen so quickly.

Safely around Hook Point and it's a a straight beach for the next 75 kilometres as far as Indian Head. We normally don't go that far to select a campsite, opting for one of the nice secluded spots among the dunes around 50 kilometres along the beach from the ferry. Along the way we pick up some firewood  and see all activities both natural and man made.

camp site.jpg (29981 bytes)

Camped among the Sheoaks & Banksia's

beautiful one day perfect the next.jpg (24261 bytes)

Overlooking the Blue Pacific, note the shower on our camper. Flash Hey?

After you've just witnessed the full moon rising out of the Pacific, imagine a campfire under the Milky Way and Southern Cross with no light pollution. Tilt your head back and spot the countless satellites that streak swiftly and silently across the night sky.

moon reflections a.jpg (8037 bytes)

Full moon rising from the Pacific

campfire a.jpg (7834 bytes)

Crackle of the Campfire

campfire moon a.jpg (3374 bytes)

Moon over the Campfire

So Elizabeth, it's off to bed to be lulled to sleep by the ocean breakers for tomorrow's another day.

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