Day 4

Well, all good things must come to an end, and this is the day we head for home. After breakfast we went for a drive to check out a beach house we were going to rent for the next tour of Fraser the following month. We had 2 couples from Hawaii to bring here and the ladies did not want to camp, so we upgraded them to the beach house. On the way we came across a family of Plovers and Mum was having a terrible time trying to keep all 3 hatchlings together while they were out for a walk in the sun, having a drink and a forage for food. So we broke camp and headed South to the ferry which would take us off the Island and back to the mainland.

baby plover.jpg (16367 bytes)

Mum said if I stood still, no one would see me. How am I supposed to know what "still" is, I'm only a couple of days old?

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Home is where you tow it. Oh if only that was  true. .......Sometimes

On the way we saw the whales that Julie had been watching out for all this time and we weren't disappointed when they put on a show for us right behind the shore breakers. These giants of the ocean, the Humpback Whales, migrate to these waters every year from the Southern Ocean to the warmer waters to have their calves and raise them untill they're strong enough for the long swim South. The recognised season is August-October, but we have seen them in May through to October.

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"Did we mention....

whale tail3.jpg (11624 bytes)

....The Fishing was great?"

Well, it's on the ferry and back to our B&B in the mountains....but only for a short stop over to re-pack the Jayco for another adventure out in the desert. Keep an eye out here for that adventure, as it's being put together right now.

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Good-Bye Fraser Island.

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Back to our B&B on the mountain.

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